Computer Science Engineering: A branch of engineering that form the basis for the design and use of computers. Below are links which provide the notes and books for your fifth and sixth semester…

  • SEMESTER-5: 
  1. Advance Java:  Syllabus, Books:  Herbert Schildt(9th edition). Notes:Java JDBC unit 2    JDBC examples     Java networking unit 3
  2. Computational Logic: Syllabus, Books: M. Huth & M. RyanMordechai Ben-Ari. Notes:Unit 4
  3. Visual Programming: Syllabus, Books: Tutorials PointHerbert Schildt. Notes:ASP basics ppt Database overview
  4. Theory of Computation: Syllabus, Books: John C MartinKLP MishraAnil Maheshwari Michiel Smid.
  5. Machine Learning: Syllabus, Books: Kevin P. MurphyTom M. MitchellML notes ppt Unit 5
  6. Computer Networks: Syllabus, Books: Behrouz A ForouzanLaurene. Notes:   Unit 3  Unit 4 Unit 5
  7. Operating System: Syllabus, Books: William StallingsGalvin. Notes:Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 4 Unit 5
  8. Aptitude: Syllabus Books: RS Agarwal
  9. Maths: Syllabus, Books: Discrete

             Full Syllabus :6th sem full syllabus

  1. Database: Books: Elmasri-Navathe Syllabus:Syllabus DBMS  Notes: Unit-1 Unit-2 Unit-3 pdf  Unit-3 ppt. Unit-4  Unit-4 ppt. Unit-5 ppt.Unit-5 Remaining Unit-5
  2. Compiler Design: Notes
  3. VLSI: Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit-3 Unit-4 Unit-5 Part-1 Unit-5 Part-2 Latch up condition
  4. PHP: Notes Books: Kevin Tatroe,Peter MacIntyre
  5. Cryptography: Books:William Stallings
  6. Principle of Programming language: Books:Concepts of programming languages-10th-sebesta                                  Notes:Notes by manash sarkar sir   Unit 1



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